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SAS is the leader in analytics helping companies around the world with its innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software and services. It wanted to build up its profile in Malaysia as a technology industry leader that can enable companies in Malaysia compete effectively in the digital age through the use of analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

SmartPR Approach

A SmartPR approach would be for SAS to reach out to a wider audience and speaking in plain language; not one in IT lingo that those outside the IT industry would not be clued in such as AI and its inter-operability with Internet of Things, for example.

Key in this would be to go with the proposition of how data-driven insights can impact bottomline of companies and in the process, dip their toes to begin the process of intelligent transformation.

Getting out news on AI adoption in Malaysia though a News Release was a complementary approach to underscore how this could help companies to compete effectively in this digital age.


This strategy aroused the interest of Astro Awani, a 24-hour cable news network, which put SAS Executive Director Sheikh Manzoor Ghani on air to speak on enabling companies in Malaysia with data driven insights.


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