Bake-Away with British Airways


British Airways was looking at doing something to reinforce its brand image for the 1st anniversary of the resumption of its then flight to Malaysia. It has to be quintessentially British in flavour and heritage and at the same time underline the Malaysian connection.

SmartPR Approach

Given the requirements and combine that with the need to spark media interest, it was a tall order to meet.

Strategic thinking and ingenuity got Quattro Communications to come out with the idea of a bake-way contest fashioned along the lines of the Great British Bake-Off. And this was even before Celebrity Chef reality shows dominated the air waves!

A value-added approach was the draw-in participation of British entities operating in Malaysia. What followed the online preliminary judging was a fitting onsite bake off finale in which home-made bakers showed their ingenious and creative prowess in injecting Malaysian elements in quintessentially British cakes.


Good media coverage was the ideal topping and icing on the cake!

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