Rockwills Trustee Sdn Bhd has to annually hand out donations to orphanages to fulfill the wishes of a woman as stipulated in her will.  Being the appointed trustee, the onus is on Rockwills to invest part of her estate and distribute the proceeds to orphanages.

Rockwills considered  having the donation recorded by the media would serve as a relevant public record. It will also raise awareness of one of its functions as a trustee.

Donations to orphanages or charitable organisations, however, are common Corporate Social Responsibility acts that no longer attract media attention.  It would be  difficult to secure interest much less coverage.

SmartPR Approach

Commonplace would be a donation presentation media event or a News Release – both options of which  would be considered blasé and mundane.

Under the circumstances, the News Release will have to be angled and penned in such a way that it will STANDOUT as an attention-grabber; and pique the interest of editors among the mountain of News Releases that flood inboxes on a daily basis.

It has to catch the eye and screams out “pick-me-up”

The SmartPR strategy in this instance is in the copy of the News Release.  Its ‘look-and-feel’ starting first with an arresting headline and followed by a telling first paragraph and a cleverly-weaved narrative that aggregate to make it a  compelling read.


In addition to the headline and narrative, the choice of naming the testator as “Madam W” (even though it was a confidentiality  requirement) heightened attention and interest, adding  an element of mystery.

The media went to town with headlines like Mysterious ‘Madam W’ bequeaths millions of Ringgit to orphans.

This one News Release netted an astounding 28 exposures on print and digital media locally.  The news was also spotted in online media based in UK, Spain, Russia and Indonesia.


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